Getting to know you…

What a great time we are having at the Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets we are taking Flip Flops by me to!

It’s so cool to see the children playing with our flip flop template, presenting us with their finished designs and then watching their faces when they receive the finished product! (Actually, its the same for Mums when they get to put their chosen ones on too.  Watch out for these lovely ladies strutting their stuff in their new sparkly & unique fashion accessory :-).

On going to shake the hand of one little lady called Kya at Ripe Market, Zabeel Park last Friday, she surprised both me, my Husband Paul and our team member Levi, with the biggest hugs to say thank you. Makes it all worthwhile.

              Kya’s creation

Looking forward to setting up at Marina Walk market this Friday 1st December from 6pm to 11pm. It’s such a pretty night market and a great night time wander with the family now the weather is lovely. Hoping to meet more friends there and enjoying the long holiday weekend.




Going Live….

So today,  a couple of months later than expected,  Flip Flops by me went live!

It’s been a long but exciting learning curve for me, Paul and most probably all of our friends and family who have been our test pilots and sounding blocks for user flows and product selection. A massive thank you to all who have made this journey with us and we honestly could not have done it without all your love and support.

Huge thanks also goes out to Joms, Dharmesh and their team at Habitat28 and Kate and Linda, our lovely suppliers, who working along side us as great partners and friends, have developed our ideas into amazing products and a website that we hope will bring fun and enjoyment to all.

Big hugs from us and here’s to all of our Solemates who  know that…

Life’s Better in flip flops (by me)!


The Story…

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself walking on the beach shore. Rays of sunlight touching your body and lending you their warmth.

You’re smiling. You recall moments with your first crush, your wedding day, days with your mum and dad and the holiday fun with your cousins. Far from the city and its chaos, you now have time to think. You’re relaxed, free like a butterfly. Minus all the stress of the world, you are a child again, vibrant and carefree. You even tiptoed a little and danced a bit.

You close your eyes and lift your face up towards the sun. Ah, that warmth. And just then, waves from the cold waters wash your feet.

Your feet in your new flip flops look young. Just as your heart today.